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Wilde Analysis is Inovia’s virtual product development partner, enabling Inovia to model a technology in a three dimensional environment and conduct finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. This is a very efficient approach for Inovia to prototype a technology before committing to building prototypes.


PA Consulting is Inovia’s technology manufacturing advisor on best practice manufacturing techniques. PA Consulting’s input is critical when discussing and liaising with commercial licensees, with regard to implementation of Inovia’s technology into large scale manufacture.


PERA (Precision Engineering Research Association) Innovation is Inovia’s prototyping partner, developing Inovia’s technology to proof of concept. For example, in developing Inovia’s wearable UV monitoring prototypes, plastic parts were created directly from Inovia’s 3D CAD model using a stereo lithography process, producing parts by solidifying the surface of a liquid photo polymer layer-by-layer with the help of a laser beam. Once this high-quality part was completed, the electronic circuit was created, inserted and the full prototype assembled.



Inodis is Inovia's master distribution. As product and solution experts and with a global distribution network, Inodis is ideally positioned to deliver solutions sharing a common purpose. The objective to deliver increased visibility, safety/security and business intelligence driving measured and timely decisions in work processes.

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