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Dedicated business units focus on specific applications of our core patented technology:


We provide the underlying IoT technology for asset-tracking devices with a GPS satellite positioning system, connecting to the internet for visibility wherever via a simple cloud interface. With this live connection multiple assets can be easily tracked and managed around the clock, geo-fences can be created to manage individual assets smartly and securely within designated areas, and owners notified of any unplanned events.


People are increasingly aware of the potentially harmful effects of too much sun and getting sunburn. The sun care market is £6 billion worldwide with sun protection driving growth. Our wearable UV monitoring technology calculates cumulative UV exposure, adjusting continuously for changes in the sun’s radiation, and warns the individual when to reapply sunscreen.
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Tough Tracker is the first bulletproof asset tracking device in the world, with industrial strength shell and an anti-tamper system to deter against theft. GPS with instant arming and custom geo-fencing for multiple devices enables machinery and heavy-duty equipment equipment to be protected on and off site, around the clock.


Ambient conditions such as time, heat, humidity and light, reduce the efficacy of medicines. Our smart medicine labels can monitor a wide range of conditions and inform the individual immediately on pack or via NFC if the specific medicine has been compromised. This intelligence on pack is invaluable to ensure medicine safety during clinical trials for new products and throughout the supply chain from production to patient.


Connectivity in vehicles is likely to become ubiquitous over the next decade, as tech integration and embedded telematics continue to rise. Our on-board telematics and solar charged technology can work independently of the vehicle's electronics over long time periods to record the vehicle’s location and usage. By combining with diagnostics data, these connected devices are used to promote and reward safer driving and ensure authorised vehicle usage.
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